The Center for Healing and Expression 

Welcome to the Center for Healing and Expression!

Located in the Rockridge District of Oakland, CA.  We are a center for practitioners and teachers offering services in the healing arts, movement therapies and expressive art therapies. We host a variety of private therapeutic services, groups, classes, workshops and more, in support of cultivating a healthier and more fulfilled person and community.

Bay Area Music Therapy LLC (BAMT) is proud to announce the opening of their new home in Oakland, CA. The Center for Healing and Expression is located at 5549 Claremont Avenue, within minutes from the Rockridge BART station. Nurturing a rich and diverse community of integrative and allied professionals, this new center is scoring a community that serve many of the same populations BAMT serves. The center has a large group room, two smaller studios for 1:1 services, and a beautiful garden area in the back. It is located right off of Highway 24 and there is ample street parking in the neighborhood.

Ian Wilkerson, founder and CEO of BAMT, decided to open up the center in honor of his late mother, Michele Newmark, a Reichian Therapist, nutritionist, and healer, who passed away in April of 2016. Michele owned and operated a former Center for Healing and Expression in San Francisco, CA, for many years. Ian and his mother had dreamed about opening a new location in the East Bay that combined their work with other allied providers. Helping to realize this vision, their cousin Dr. Pam Stalzer, D.C., has joined in and moved her Bay Area practice in to the new center.

The Center for Healing and Expression’s logo was designed by Ian’s sister-in-law, Yu Tsao. The hummingbird symbolizes the legacy Michele Newmark has left behind and this new East Bay center will build more community in her spirit and loving embrace. The hummingbird reminds us to forever seek out the good in life and the beauty in each day. It is a reminder of how we expend our own energy, to be more present and playful, resilient and adaptable, to hold on to a lightness of being and enjoyment of life.

BAMT is looking to grow the centers community of allied professionals. Please Contact us if you are interested in sharing the space. Email, info@bayareamusictherapy.com

Bay Area Music Therapy LLC is an organization dedicated to providing the highest quality integrative music therapy services. Our well-trained music therapists and adjunct providers can address the emotional, physical, psychological and social needs of you, your loved ones, or your community. We help people reach their fullest potential through music! We offer person-centered & individualized music therapy programs and services to support creativity, self-expression and self-empowerment. Additionally, we provide a variety of educational and experiential music related wellness services. To learn more about BAMT, please visit www.bayareamusictherapy.com

Dr. Pamela Stalzer, chiropractor and homeopath, brings a truly unique and effective blend of holistic therapies to the Bay Area. Dr. Stalzer uses whole-food nutritional therapy (not synthetic vitamins), homeopathy and neuro-emotional technique to build the body's natural healing power and release emotional blockages to health. To learn more about Dr. Stalzer, please visit www.drpamstalzer.com

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